4 new heroes are online - brake bones with them on Tabletopia!


Latest Rule Version is online! Faster, more streamlined gameplay!

29.01.2016 Fast & Easy SFB

Want to try Super Fantasy Brawl with your casual-gaming friends? I just started to work on a variant of Super Fantasy Brawl, where each hero has only one Tarot sized card containig 2 different actions. This variant will come with much shorter and simpler rules as well. Here is a draft of the new cards: NewCards. Stay tuned!

21.01.2016 Playtesters needed for final adjustments

I'm still looking for playtester to make the last balance adjustments. Contact me on Facebook or in the guestbook. Note that there is a PnP version and a digital version on Tabletopia to try the game!

21.01.2016: Test SFB on Tabletopia

Click here to try Super Fantasy Brawl on Tabletopia in your browser (only unity plug in required to play)! When you are on the site, just enter a name in the upper right corner and click watch or play. You can share the link to play with friends, too. Ingame, there is a cheat sheet on the table explaining the most important rules and the use of the interface. Have fun!

20.01.2016: Super fantasy brawl on facebook

Check out the Facebook Page of Super Fantasy Brawl, it' here!

20.01.2016: Moba is now called SUper fantasy brawl

New name - fun as always...