Get ready for a fast and furious skirmish combat game featuring tons of bluffing, double guessing and mind games! Draft a team of 4 unique heroes and break some bones!

“In your face” combat system.

You decide where and how hard you hit your opponents by selecting attack cards showing different hitzones!

Depending on the hitzones you aim for, your attacks will deal different amounts of damage, apply slows, stuns and other conditions or unleash devastating special effects!

In case you find yourself at the wrong end of the club: Anticipate, where your opponent is going to hit you and block incoming attacks by selecting defense cards showing the same hitzone symbols!

Dynamic hero activation order.

The exact moment your heroes may activate depends on the action cards you select for them each turn! The upper left corner of an Action card indicates, in which phases of the turn the action may be performed (green) and in which phases not (red):

Some actions are quite flexible in regards of when exactly they may be used, while other actions (mostly high damage/impact actions) are restricted to certain phases.

Clever action card selection is crucial, as it will determine the order of activation and thus give great opportunities to outmaneuver your opponent, to bring squishies out of danger before they get annihilated and to combine powerful attacks on key targets or set up devastating strikes of your heavy hitters!

Awesome Components.

incredibly cool artwork.